Freight to Tonga

Freight to Tonga

               Australia and the Kingdom of Tonga enjoy extensive people-to-people connections which in turn have positively impacted mutual trade and catalysed the large scale transport of goods and commodities. During 2016, Australia and Tonga conducted bilateral trade in goods and services to the tune of $100 million and the numbers are expected to grow with each year. 

While Australia imports vegetables, fruits, nuts and seafood, goods ranging from meat to aircraft components comprise the bulk of its Freight to Tonga.  Considering that Tonga and Australia are island nations, it’s no surprise that the bulk of commodities are transported via cargo shipping to Tonga.

With Australia spearheading a number of development programs in the island kingdom, many Australians are relocating to Tonga, lock, stock and barrel for short and extended periods of residency. 

Moving to Tonga involves shifting household and other personal belongings and the most popular transport option is shipping to TongaDepending upon the freight involved, you can book pallets for small volumes or entire containers where large scale commercial cargo is to be shipped. Cargo movers and handlers help in documentation and regulatory clearances. You can even avail door-to-door, pick up and delivery services for hassle-free transportation of freight to Tonga.

Tonga comprises 176 islands in all but its 100,000 strong population is concentrated across 36 islands. The capital city of Nuku’alofa, on the principal island of Tongatapu, is well connected by sea and air to major ports and airfields in Australia and New Zealand. The cargo handling services on offer at the ports and airfields ensure smooth handling of goods with minimal risk to the consignments during transit. When deliveries are to be made in a hurry, there is also the option of transporting goods by way of air cargo to TongaPerishable goods like foodstuffs, floriculture and even pharmaceuticals are frequently transported by air to beat deadlines.

Whether you’re moving with family or shipping commercial cargo to Tonga, the range of affordable and flexible freight transport options on offer makes business sense for personal and commercial transport of goods. However, choosing the right shipping service is important for safety and reliable transportation of your goods.